Kimslead Holdings Pty Limited abn 13 007 112 790

We are an independent privately owned company operating within the Australian financial services industry.  


About Our Company

Kimslead was established in 1988 and has since provided consulting services to companies operating in various sections of the financial services industry.

Our shareholders, who have extensive industry experience, carry out the major work involved in most assignments with external assistance when required.

Financial planning, stock broking and investment advisory structures, advisor education and investment fund and product design have been the major area

where our services have been provided. We have also provided a number of "expert opinions" in relation to financial services litigation.

In order to give full attention to its client's interests, Kimslead has a policy to only undertake one major assignment at a time. This does not preclude a small

amount of crossover time when one assignment is finishing and another is commencing. We also reserve the right to undertake smaller assignments that are

not expected to impact on major activities.

By keeping our overhead expenses to a minimum we are able to provide expert advice to our clients at an economical price.




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Telephone 03 98851889
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34 Howard St Glen Iris Vic 3146
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